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In Sympathy and In Joy In Our Community

We continue to extend our sympathy to the bereaved families of:

Alan Unger, nephew of Ellen Sheiman

Salvatore Chappa, father of Michael Chappa

Shirley Dragunoff, sister of Jack Germain

Barbara Lightman, mother of Michael Lightman

Andrew Bobko, husband of Nicole Bobko

Mel Allerhand, uncle of Jeff Ackerman

Joan Silverberg, mother of Dana Beck

Nathan Barsky, husband of Carol Barsky

Betty Citrin, mother of Robert Citrin

Andrew Levitt, brother of Nancy Rosenthal

Nancy Zeldes

Bernard Levine, husband of Marion Levine

Robert Zeisler, husband of Judy Zeisler

Sylvia Walter, sister of Lee Lester

And share the joy with these members of our community:

Cindy and Ken West, in celebration of the engagement of son, Eric West, to Diana Aubale Epstein.

Barbara and Jeffrey Orell, in celebration of their 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Marty Schwartz, in celebration of being named Ringmaster for the 71st Barnum Festival.

Stanton and Cristie Krauss, in celebration of the marriage of son, H. David Krauss and Jessie Friedrich.

Jerry Saunders and Elaine Appellof, in celebration of the birth of granddaughter, Sally Stewart, daughter of Ellie and Phil Stewart.

Lis and George Ruderman, in celebration of the birth of great-granddaughter, Cora George Ruderman, daughter of Betsy and Matt Ruderman.

Cleo and Jon Sonneborn, in celebration of the birth of grandson, Kiko Jonathan Maltauro.

Beth Lazar, in celebration of winning a literary competition award for non-fiction writing from the Trumbull Library.

Annette Schwarz Kaye and Rick Kaye, in celebration of the birth of granddaughter, Sophia Judith Kaye, daughter of Adam Schwarz Kaye and Sarah Conway.